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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

R.I.P. HomeSite

After a slow, painful decline in its later years, Adobe has finally put HomeSite out of its misery.

In the mid-’90s, new HTML editors were constantly hitting the shareware market, all with slightly different features and interfaces. Like many others, I settled into using HomeSite and stuck with it for years until TopStyle Pro (from the same author) offered a compelling upgrade.

Nowadays I’m on a Mac (using Textmate; toying with switching to Coda), but for around a decade (wow, that’s a little scary) most of my work was created using Nick Bradbury’s products, so it’s sad to see one of them go to that big source code repository in the sky.


Homesite isn't really dead. It's gone to live on my uncle's farm, where it's been installed on his seldom-used desktop where it will live happily forever and ever.

— Bev, 13th Jul, 3:45pm

I tried both Textmate and Coda and ended up going with Coda about a year ago. I really like it except for one big thing it's missing (but forces me to be cleaner in my code), no source code formatting clean up!! I hear it's coming soon, but so far, still waiting.

Of course, I was moving from Eclipse, which was very bloated, but made that source oh so pretty :)

Reuben, 26th Aug, 11:02pm

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