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The Rather Difficult Game

Towards the end of last year, Rob Manuel of B3ta fame got in touch asking if I had any Flash game ideas. Given my habit of constantly jotting things down in a huge text file, that’s a bit like standing in front of a firehose and switching it on to see if you can get a sip of water.

Somehow he managed to persuade TV channel E4 to commission three of the daft concepts for their Summer Of Games, and the first to be released is The Rather Difficult Game. Can you herd cats, nail jelly to the wall and put toothpaste back in the tube all at the same time?

The Rather Difficult Game

I covered everything except for the superb music, which was provided by Tom Kincaid. The other two games will be going live over the next couple of months, and all involve an element of torturous gameplay; I’m not sure what that says about me and/or E4…


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