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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Early June Link Dump

Equery Direct
An absolute goldmine of hilariously bizarre/terrible movie pitches.
Holy Shit, Tiptoes!
Sometimes a hilariously bizarre/terrible movie pitch actually gets made into a movie.
Promoting your product or service with banner ads - is it worth it?
Some interesting data and observations. I’m not surprised the “Earn money in your sleep” instant-signup design did badly, it tries to close the deal too soon and gives off scammy/get-rich-quick vibes.
Jumping Spiders of Oklahoma
Aww, they’re so cute and cuddly… in their own spidery way.
Interview with Accessible Twitter creator Dennis Lembree
Twitter’s basic features really shouldn’t require JavaScript, it’s about as simple as a major web app can be and could easily take a progressive enhancement approach.
Opera Web Standards Curriculum
How have I not linked to this before? A great set of articles for anyone who’s getting into professional web development.
Refresh Cannon; Refresh Hero
Games played simply by loading an image.
A quirky operating system that “evolved entirely outside of the normal genealogy of user interfaces”.
Yes, it has flaws, and I can’t get multiplayer to work reliably, but I spent ages playing this last week.
IP address geolocation SQL database
Free, simple and useful. See also: Announcing GeoPlanet Data
IE8 and the X-UA-Compatible situation
What a mess. This is why backwards compatibility sometimes needs to suffer in the short term (especially if there’s still a hangover from you letting your product stagnate for several years) so that problems and complications don’t drag on indefinitely.
A foundry that now permits @font-face embedding for all of their fonts. See also: Introducing Typekit


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