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Attack of the Domain Squatting Vampire

A few years back I had a meeting with a potential client to discuss a possible redesign of their site, and also advise on getting hold of their preferred domain name, which someone else had registered. After the initial introductions around the table, the first bit went something like this:

“I think I’ll start with the domain issue. I’ve been doing some research, and —”

“Oh that’s all been sorted out, we’ve drafted a letter full of legal threats to scare them into handing it over, my boss is signing and sending it right now.”

“Ah, I see. Well anyway, I researched the bloke who has the domain, and it seems he’s seriously obsessed with vampires.”

Bemused smiles all round.

“As well as the vampire-love, he’s really into domain squatting and has had major run-ins over it before.”

Polite nods.

“In one case he made physical threats against the staff involved, and in another threatened to bomb a large corporation’s offices, it all got rather nasty.”

A few seconds of silence and anxious glances.

“Er… I… er… just need to make a phone call to my boss.”

I’ve never seen someone dial so fast.


So did the vampire dig his teeth in, so to speak, or did he grow up and give them the domain in the end?

— Bev, 15th Apr, 11:20am

I think they got it in the end, probably by putting the lawyers in the front line and following the proper procedures. Or maybe they bribed him with a few litres of O Negative.

Matt Round, 15th Apr, 11:25am

You don't get enough vampires in business I think. I'm all for equal opportunities and reckon they should get a fair representation.

Plus they're pretty cool.

— Bev, 15th Apr, 3:53pm

Yeah but they'll only work nights and it's bad for business when they start feeding on clients.

Matt Round, 16th Apr, 12:04pm

With some of the clients we've got, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing...

— Bev, 16th Apr, 2:42pm

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