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Compare the Marketing

I’m somewhat jaded when it comes to advertising, partly because some of my work is advertising and partly from innate cynicism. And where cross-media social-networking Web-2.0 buzzword-compliant integrated campaigns are concerned I’m more likely to yawn, wince or roll my eyes than anything else.

Which is why it was a pleasant surprise to browse through the Aleksandr_Orlov Twitter stream accompanying Compare the Market’s Compare the Meerkat campaign. It’s nothing earth-shattering/side-splitting, but I like the running themes about mongoose hatred and sysadmin Sergei. Whoever’s doing the updates has the freedom to be quirkier than the offline material and hopefully won’t get stomped on by agency killjoys.

(Why is no one running TV ad campaigns this way, writing on the fly to deliver a different ad each week? It shouldn’t always be about expensively crafting a few polished ads that are then repeated ad nauseum for months/years, some brands could benefit from a more flexible approach)


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