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Games-Related Link Dump

Either the web has been getting livelier and more interesting over the last few months, or I’m going soft in my old age, as I’m finding myself noting down countless URLs recently. Here’s a selection from the games-related ones:

Don’t Shit Your Pants
It took me a while to attain Shit King status, but this is genuinely more logical and interesting than most of the text adventures I played years ago.
The Pac-Man Dossier
I was never really into Pac-Man (seemed so limited and repetitive), but this is fantastically geeky and has given me a new appreciation for the game. The ghost AI was quite impressive for the time, but that collision detection glitch was a ‘schoolboy error’.
The Space Game
Any game that launches with intricate-looking tutorials is offputting, but I jumped straight into Mission 1 and managed to work out the basics.
Ice Breaker
The gameplay mechanics are similar to Splitter, but adding a coherent theme and characters does make a difference.
Shopping Cart Hero
This is like a more playable, feature packed version of Eddie Kidd’s Jump Challenge.
Take a simple premise: the enemies only move when you do. Extend into a simple, well-presented game. Add simple controls. Enjoy.
This old favourite is now completely free (they previously charged for premium membership), and well worth a go if it’s new to you.
Another time-bending game, this time playing a shoot-’em-up in reverse.
Grow Tower
You just click 5 buttons in a certain order. That’s it. 5 buttons. I should hate this. But it’s delightful.
Plain Sight
I haven’t played this, but the styling and concept look interesting.
Manipulate light to control your surroundings. Very clever and atmospheric.


Closure is brilliant, it's worth putting the time in to get to the later levels. Reminiscent of Braid in several respects.

morcs, 23rd Feb, 4:04pm

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