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Late January Link Dump

It’s been a promising start to the year on the web, with a glut of interesting sites, so I’m saving half a dozen games for a later post.

The Letter of Last Resort
Wow, I’d never heard of this before.
Registration - Royal Opera House
Click on the Title list to see a rare case where it isn’t merely a sneaky way of gathering gender data.
World’s Smallest Postal Service
Send teeny tiny letters!
5 Cardinal Sins of Official Game Sites
I’d also add 6. Content that disappears when the sequel’s released or the site’s redesigned
Belkin’s Development Rep is Hiring People to Write Fake Positive Amazon Reviews
Very naughty, and exceedingly stupid to publicly advertise the work.
Screen capture tool that creates a PSD with windows and icons on different layers. Handy for mockups and tidying up example screenshots.
Over 80 billion ISK embezzled from player-run bank in EVE Online
I love the fact that this kind of thing is allowed to happen in EVE, and the way people cooperate to build up virtual financial systems in spite of the risk.
Father Ted vs The Exorcist
“The power of Christ compels you!” “Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!”
Zero Clipboard
Despite Flash 10’s new restrictions, this still manages to modify the user’s clipboard via a transparent overlay.
Pretty Loaded
A preloader museum. I’ve had clients who’ve insisted on having such an elaborate preloader that I had to create a preloader for the preloader.
How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing
The perils and profits of naked short selling.
I Can Has History?
Brace yourself…


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