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Battlefield Body Language

I’ve been playing Call of Duty: World at War on the Wii recently. It’s predictable fare but pretty solid (probably about as good as an FPS can be on a supercharged GameCube), and the multiplayer option is addictive and well-balanced.

There’s no text or voice chat, which isn’t such a bad thing as it keeps the idiots quiet, but it occurred to me that it might have been interesting to include gesture communication. While holding down a button, the Wiimote and nunchuck would control the arms, allowing simple pointing and beckoning, waving to taunt, swaying side to side to daftly dance in celebration, etc. The hands of gesturing teammates would be highlighted (in non-Hardcore modes) for clarity.

Gesture example

It wouldn’t be hugely useful in the heat of battle, but could perhaps add a touch more character and subtlety without complicating core gameplay, especially if implemented in any slightly less frantic Wii multiplayer games requiring basic cooperation.


I play COD on the Wii too. I profess to being a little disappointed in the lack of communication on the multiplayer. No chat of any kind, plus no taunts either. Your idea is good. Shame the game can't be modded in any way.

Hey, email me your COD player ID and I can add you to my friend list. You can have the honour of being my first friend - on COD of course... I do have real friends!

— Bev, 27th Jan, 4:51pm

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