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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site


As a web designer you have to come to terms with most of your work being inherently ephemeral; your live portfolio can be wiped out in weeks by a spate of redesigns and shutdowns. So it’s always nice when a client sensibly evolves your work, and Tom at Find Your Geek has done this again by widening the entire layout. I helped to adjust some of the graphics and fiddly positioning, but that’s all.

Find Your Geek previous and current layouts

It looks like the site’s growing steadily, and I know there are lots of new features being lined up.

In other client news, The Green Apple now has a simple Christmas card (made from recycled graphics and code!).


Re the Xmas card - hmmm, it reminds me of a similar thing we did at my previous employer!

It might just be me, but I was disappointed that I couldn't pick up the duck and use him too!

— Bev, 15th Dec, 4:00pm

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