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The Perils of Hotlinking

Daniel from Yappari has a day job at BuyYourCar, and noticed requests coming from a rival site.

UKCarBroker screenshot

As well as some familiar-looking text, he found an image further down the home page that was hotlinked directly from the BuyYourCar servers, and therefore using their bandwidth etc. Not wanting to let such infringements go unpunished, he switched the image for one that fades out to reveal a message:

UKCarBroker screenshot

(Of course, ideally you want to prevent leeching in the first place)


I wonder how long it will take him to notice.


Daniel, 10th Dec, 2:47pm

That is hilarious! As long as he doesn't notice, I'd let the leeching continue. It's virtually free advertising

AppBeacon, 10th Dec, 5:51pm

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