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Flash Games Link Dump

I’ve been super-busy working on some Flash games recently, and I’ll be able to mention one of them when it goes live (the rest are the usual anonymous freelancing, boo hiss), but in the meantime here’s a round-up of some of the Flash timewasters I’ve spotted recently:

Doom 1
This isn’t a from-scratch approximation, it’s derived from the original source code using Alchemy, and runs surprisingly well. Use the controls mentioned on the page, not the ones listed within the game.
Fantastically infuriating, and I’m still rubbish after dozens of attempts.
A decent game to go with the political messages.
99 Bricks
Balance Tetris bricks to create a wobbly tower.
Super Stacker
Balance non-Tetris bricks to create a wobbly tower.
Physics-based slicing gameplay.
Some nice ideas and effects.


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