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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Green Christmas

The end of the year’s approaching, and so The Green Apple has flipped over to its winter/festive theme.

The Green Apple winter theme

Yes, this blog post is all about blatantly plugging a client’s site, so head over there for Christmas gifts and goodies! (the Chicken Family is too cute)


It's a lovely site Matt - just a shame I'm not particularly eco-friendly otherwise I'd be all over it.

I wondered though, what dates have you put down for Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn? I've often argued when one finishes and the other begins.

— Bev, 12th Nov, 3:08pm

I've opted for a very simple system:
Winter: Nov-Jan
Spring: Feb-Apr
Summer: May-Jul
Autumn: Aug-Oct
That works OK for retail as it means you get to show the winter branding for a couple of months approaching Christmas, and tend to be slightly ahead (e.g. starting to push autumnal products in August).

Matt Round, 12th Nov, 6:17pm

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