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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

October Link Dump

Jordan Mechner: Old Journals
He’s posting the development diary for the original Prince of Persia game, including the reference videos used for rotoscoping (that standing-jump is instantly recognisable!).
Not as easy or effective as true font embedding, but a clever alternative to sIFR.
Hosted Subversion with web-based tools; ideal for distributed teams of coders who don’t want to set up something like Warehouse themselves.
The eyeballing game
I think I scored about 2.9.
Web Slice Format Specification
How to mark up page fragments so that IE8’s Web Slices feature can find them.
The Heist
It’s a shame there isn’t a bit more variety and progression, but fun for Spy Hunter fans.
I’m always wary of tools that claim to make 3D modelling easy, but this looks interesting for rough sketches.
Reflections in Papervision3D
Another great PV3D hack that makes me feel utterly inferior as an ActionScript coder.
The Pencil Project
Firefox-based drawing tool for diagrams and prototyping.


You have an interesting collection of links... :)

Roto Artist, 31st Oct, 3:37am

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