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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

September Link Dump

Typography for Lawyers
Useful for non-lawyers too. The web needs more of this kind of thing, guiding people towards sensible practices without immediately overwhelming them with jargon.
Hardeep Singh Kohli BBC Birmingham Interview; “F***ing Awful” DJ George Lamb interviews Ray Davies
The first one definitely has a whiff of Partridge about it.
Play With Spider
Permanent Press Filter
Recreate the look of printed material in Photoshop.
Robust Defenses for Cross-Site Request Forgery; Logout/Login CSRF; Popular Websites Vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks
Interestingly, it seems the Referer header can be relied upon for HTTPS requests.
Crappy Cat
Don’t let the term “interactive theater” put you off, it’s a fun little “game” (watch carefully for the little touches like using stretched shapes to simulate motion blur).
Interview Sarah Palin
Great use of Markov chains.
Apple is listening; Apple scraps iPhone NDA
Surely the next show of sanity needs to be clarification of what apps can and can’t do?
The End is Nigh
The official magazine of the apocalypse.


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