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Late Developer

I first heard mention of the World Wide Web in its very early days but had little idea what it was, and didn’t use it regularly until years later. By then, a couple of people I knew were involved in building web sites, there was lots of activity, services were launching all over the place, and new technologies were being mentioned every week. It was rather daunting and I felt like I’d already missed out on the excitement and was slipping too far behind to catch up.

This was in 1996. Yes, I genuinely felt I was slipping behind and missing out on web development in 1996. That might seem crazy now, but people still often assume they’re too late to get into something, or it’s too difficult, or everything’s been done, just because they’re not a really early adopter.


As late as last week, I felt like such. Then, I just simply got started and did not let being a "late bloomer" get in my way. One week later and with the inspiration of this post, I'm now on my way. Thanks!

Jon, 4th Aug, 10:04am

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