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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-June Link Dump

Reel Geezers
A couple of octogenarian movie industy veterans do reviews and squabble. Great stuff.
The Rule Of Death
Yeah, it’s yet another comic featuring the undead, but I quite like it.
Teach the Controversy
They’re now available without the slogan bit.
Hacking Coffee Makers
Never, ever install any kind of remote admin software unless you have complete trust in the supplier.
Rooms Outdoor
Forget having a luxury shed office, I’d be happy to live in some of these.
How To Make An IP-To-Country Tool With PHP and MySQL
A guide to basic geolocation.
Haeckel illustrations
Ideal source material for some kind of biology-themed shoot-’em-up.
Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity”
It’s taken them an awfully long time to recognise the value of memcached. Handy for those already committed to .NET, but I’m not sure there's anything Microsoft can do to tempt lots more startups and non-corporate developers to use their platform.
A little slicker than the average Flash game.


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