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One of the fascinating things about the response to the Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? quiz (oddly still getting 10,000 visitors a day after all these years) is the way people seem determined to read something into it.

I’ve heard from academics who wanted to use it to demonstrate that you can learn a lot from appearances, and others demonstrating how appearances are deceptive. It’s been used to highlight the power of intuition, and to rubbish it. People have complained that the geeks are too obviously harmless-looking, whereas others have accused me of being anti-geek by making them look like serial killers. One person claimed it perpetuated the press’s policy of deliberately picking creepy-looking photos of killers, another said it was disgraceful that such monsters should be made to look so normal.

Anyway, inspired by Mr. Silver, here’s a preview of a topical new version called Filesystem Inventor and Murderer?. I’m concerned that it might be a bit too easy and limited though..?

Filesystem Inventor and Murderer?


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