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Missing Scrollbars In Mac Firefox 3

Thanks to twistedonion on MetaFilter I was alerted to an odd quirk which can result in Firefox 3 for OS X losing its scrollbars, making ‘below the fold’ content inaccessible.

After some investigation it turns out that any page containing

<meta http-equiv="msthemecompatible" content="no" />

triggers this problem. It may get fixed before Firefox 3 gets out of beta, but if you’ve ever used that tag (it makes IE render form elements in a more neutral way) you’ll want to either remove it or keep an eye on the situation.


It might be more than that...I'm running FF3b4 on Tiger and don't have scollbars on any site (including this one, and I checked your source to see if you have that meta tag on here). It took me a while to notice since I'm used to scrolling with mighty mouse or mouse actions. I haven't gone through to test which extension is causing it, but I am forcing non-compatible extensions to run (can't be on the internet without blocksite running!) I'll post back after I figure it out, seeing as SEO puts you on top of google for this problem.

dino, 17th Apr, 3:24pm

AHA: it was the Proto skin for OS X. The problem went away when I upgraded to FF3b5, but then I got an annoying bug where the back and forward buttons acted as if I was right clicking. Re-uninstalling Proto fixed it and some other bugs that were pissing me off.

I then did a google search to find a page with the offending tag and chose http://www.canadiankettlebellmag.c… (who knows what the heck they're talking about?). I was unable to replicate the no scrollbars bug, and had them running just fine. Might want to see if you have proto installed (happened even when it wasn't running).

Dino, 17th Apr, 4:52pm

I only had the Web Developer toolbar and uninstalling it doesn't seem to have made any difference. It's possible there's a problem caused by a previously-installed plugin, or by me running both FF2 and FF3.

Your example page has the tag commented out, I don't know if that's something they've just done.

Matt Round, 17th Apr, 5:12pm

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