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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Early-March Link Dump

Dead Eyes Open
The first two chapters are free to download, and I quite like the toetags idea.
Publicises the progress of UK Freedom of Information requests.
Killing Some Bad Layout Conventions
I’ve never been a fan of symmetrical 3-column layouts, so it’s good to see someone give them a sound kicking.
Google Maps Without the Scripting
You can now embed Google’s maps as static images, but you can only use coordinates so addresses have to be geocoded first.
Π Is Wrong!
I remember wondering about this at school.
Flips style sheet properties to help with creating right-to-left layouts (Wikipedia is still the best example of this kind of thing in action).
Defiant Dog
12.32 clicks per visit?! Wow, I’d have expected maybe 3 or 4 at most.
Microsoft’s Interoperability Principles and IE8
They changed their minds, and now developers will only have to add a meta tag if they want to trigger IE7-style rendering. It’s worth visiting the page simply to experience the novelty of an IEBlog post getting several hundred positive comments.
A new typography term
Very clever.
garfield minus garfield


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