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stropS iiW

Have you mastered Wii Sports to the point of boredom, with PRO ratings galore and no one around who can beat you? Eke out a bit more entertainment by choosing a new Mii and setting it to have reversed controls (i.e. left-handed if you’re right-handed). As a bonus, it might also help you to avoid becoming an overly-monodextrous lopsided freak. Which is nice.

If that’s still not enough to restrict your awesome skillz, try playing the boxing as kickboxing to give granny an outside chance of winning.

Oh, and a quick Wii-related prediction: no matter what weight limit they give Wii Fit for its US launch, within days there’ll be pics/videos online showing broken balance boards (probably from the same idiots who threw their Wiimotes at their plasma TVs).


Then, of course, all of the 140 pound gamers will trade in their Wii Fit for the new, stronger version that Nintendo provides.

— Greg, 21st Feb, 6:46pm

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