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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-February Link Dump

Colin’s Bear Animation; interview with the animator
Fifteen seconds of pure, distilled awesomeness that somehow escaped my attention until now.
The Big Sleep
There are dark, cold winter mornings when this approach sounds rather tempting (but without the sweaty farm animals).
Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue; Dog Plus Pony
Yet more daft, minuscule sites (I blame cheap domain names).
Probably the best coverage I've seen of the IE8 meta tag controversy. See also: Dramatic Lemur.
Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information
Nifty data-collecting forms have been added to Google Docs.
Design Police: Visual Enforcement Kit
I once saw an otherwise-posh restaurant with all of its signs, menus, etc. done in Comic Sans. The cognitive dissonance was almost overwhelming.
Copilot is now free on weekends
Handy for those lumbered with being The Computer Person in their family.
Stunt Pilot
Nothing stunning, but more polished than the average casual Flash game.
How was the Hotel? - Vulnerable!
Stuff like this can be found all over the place; the biggest problem is resisting the temptation to look.


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