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Yet More LOLcat Nonsense, I’m Afraid

LOLname screenshot

The LOLinator now lets you find your ‘LOLname’. It’s daft and very simplistic, but I’ve noticed that even the most hardened, cynical web user finds it difficult to resist putting their own name into these things, so it’ll be interesting to see how it affects traffic.


oh noes! it gives 400: bad request with 4-letter names

4, 7th Feb, 12:48am

You're supposed to put in a full name (to avoid lots of identical results), so I set the validation to a minimum of 5 characters, but I've now removed that restriction to avoid confusion.

Matt Round, 7th Feb, 8:41am

I kinda like what it did to my blog:…

I try to write well, but can appreciate left -hand daftness humor (humour?) just fine.

The Goon Show was one of the best things to happen to radio, for example.

Dana "Madman" Hansen, 8th Feb, 1:58am

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