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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-January Link Dump

Bits and pieces spotted so far this year:

Cross Site Printing
A deliciously evil hack that takes spam to another dimension.
The Fritz Files - Snakecharmer and Auditory Illusions: Holophonic Sound
Examples of binaural and holophonic recording.
Network Solutions - Squat for the Win
It seems Network Solutions ‘reserves’ any domain names searched for, a rather sleazy business practice. Even if you search elsewhere, there are staff at registrars and ISPs that monitor activity and buy up interesting domains for themselves (got caught out by this myself once).
CG Textures
A great library of free images for 2D/3D design work.
The Monkey’s Tale…
…of kicking the crap out of its crazy owner. Join the Community - Get Spyware and Another privacy issue for Sears
Yet another company that clearly hasn’t got sensible, tech-savvy people in senior roles.
2008 Olympics brought to you by Silverlight
How much do you think Microsoft effectively paid for this?
EditArea - the code editor in a textarea
Seems pretty impressive; I might use this for a couple of projects.


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