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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Pre-Christmas Link Dump

An end-of-year URL clear-out:

Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?
Another micro-answer site.
No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford
New prints available; I probably should buy one.
An interesting tool for planning web sites and assembling content, but for smaller sites it’s not worth bothering, and for larger ones you’re probably going to have a CMS for the client to use.
I use IcoMaker to get full control of every pixel, but this is a great way to quickly create a favicon.
Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work: 6 Lessons
If only every manager would read and accept these simple findings.
The new S4C idents that react to voice
Surely this must have been done before..?
Capturing Caps Lock
As the comments point out, there are flaws and limitations, but it’s a clever idea.
The Two Types of Programmers and Mort, Elvis, Einstein, and You
The truth is that in any profession most people aren’t especially good at their jobs, but get hired anyway by similarly mediocre employers.
Some quite nice vector freebies.


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