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malevolent design weblog

This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site


I follow 60-odd sites via feeds, but there are others I can’t quite bring myself to subscribe to. I’ll visit every now and then to have a look, but for various reasons I just can’t face having them sat there permanently in Google Reader:

I’ve never been a fan; maybe I load it up every few weeks to remind myself of how tedious/stagnant online geekery can be if you try really hard, I don’t know.
It’s always been a perfectly decent weblog by a perfectly decent bloke. My reluctance to subscribe is probably down to a combination of sheer ubiquity (which is probably also why I still visit) and lingering irritation with his micropatronage experiment (aka How To Strangle A Business Model At Birth).
The breathless Web 2.0 hype, details of the latest copycat/Facebook app and casual mentions of millions being thrown around are hard to stomach on a daily basis, but an occasional skim through is worthwhile.
Periodically reminding myself that I can’t stand smug, catty London media people is entertaining, but too often would feel like being trapped on a stuffy Tube train with them all. Maybe that makes me a smug, catty Midlands new media person.


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