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LOLinator: i can haz websiet?

Yesterday I took a few hours off from proper paid work and actually built something I thought of at the weekend, rather than just adding it to the ever-growing list of daft ideas I keep.

LOLinator screenshot

LOLinator gives us a terrifying glimpse into an alternate dimension where LOLcats created the web; as you can imagine, their design sensibilities lie somewhere between MySpace profiles and GeoCities pages. Here are some of the sites I’ve tested with:

I’m too scared to try I Can Has Cheezburger? in case the universe implodes…


I can't believe how funny some of these are... sometimes, they even start to make sense. Evidence of fa cosmic order we've not yet understood?

— Greg, 2nd Nov, 12:58pm

Amazing scenes!!

— morcs, 2nd Nov, 1:33pm

Pure Genius!

— Jay, 2nd Nov, 1:34pm

Pure unadulterated awesomeness! This is sure to provide hours and hours of time-wasting entertainment! kthxbai.

Jason Beaird, 2nd Nov, 8:42pm

Wai ya not enablez yur OWN sit3 ta bee lol!inized¿

meow, 4th Nov, 12:26pm

Because so many people were trying to LOLinate the LOLinator, I've added a little easter egg...

Matt Round, 4th Nov, 3:31pm

What a most excellent and entertaining tool! Keep up the good work!!

— KG, 10th Nov, 8:47pm

lol! That's excellent! Had lots of fun, will be spreading the word about it, so others can have a laugh too.

pokbg, 19th Nov, 5:02pm

I'm glad someone's writing proper software, instead of all this Google Maps sort of nonsense. Hurrah! Lol!

— J, 7th Dec, 2:57pm

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