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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Floral Fashion

Lilac Rose screenshot

The Lilac Rose site went live months ago, but I wanted to let it settle in before announcing here. It’s now updated with their latest range, so have a browse around if you’re after any Christmas gifts for a fashion-conscious female.

I supplied the server- and client-side coding, but credit for the graphic design goes to Miles Hill, who also created their overall branding and offline material. The site’s based on Zen Cart, with ZenMagick used for templating to make it easier to rip out the clutter and have full control. There are some remaining technical and usability issues to address in future versions, but hopefully it does a decent job of presenting the products and brand.


Great work on this one!

— Greg, 23rd Oct, 8:54pm

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