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Mid-September Link Dump

Yep, the virtual Post-It is already overflowing:

Karma Ghost
Years old, but still one of my favourite online animations.
Teach a Man to Fish (or How to Resize Text)
Explaining browser capabilities to users has to be better than cluttering sites with text-resizing widgets.
Searching For Evil
Ross Anderson talks about how phishers and scammers operate.
Dinosaur Comics message style for Adium
Needs plugins for talking to God and stomping on things.
Little Computer People
The person making the recording gets a bit impatient with the Commodore 64 classic.
High Performance Web Sites
Yahoo!’s Steve Souders introduces some of the ways to speed sites up (if you have a site with a lot of HTTP requests for images etc., definitely have a play with YSlow).
Get that retro 1996 feel, including some endangered GIFs. So accurate it regularly crashes the browser.
Primary & Secondary Actions in Web Forms
A useful usability study about submit/cancel buttons (certainly made me rethink how I implement some forms).
Bugs Are Magic Tricks
It’s true, a really evil bug is utterly bemusing and seems impossible.


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