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August Link Dump

Here goes with the usual clear-out:

What just happened to video on the web?
Adobe is, at long last, improving Flash’s video support so that special FLV files won’t be needed (the same video files will play in Flash and on iPods etc.). Sadly, there are still some murky licensing issues when it comes to streaming.
Today’s Front Pages
Browse hundreds of newspapers from around the world.
Talking with an IBM distinguished engineer about marketing
I quite like the way Mike Moran explains the changes marketers have to get to grips with, and the bit towards the end about how the early part of the sales process has now largely moved to the web.
Idea Generator
I’m already working on “do-it-yourself nuclear toy” and “transparent shrinking exercise machine”.
Firefox3 Vulnerable by Design
It sounds like Mozilla is heading down the same risky path as Adobe by trying to make cross-domain access easier.
The myth of content and presentation separation
It’s true that complete separation is rare (unless forced by something like or CSS Zen Garden), but it’s still well worth using semantic names/structure. And I still don’t like Blueprint.
Die Speech Bubble Logo, Die
It’s actually rather hard to resist using for anything to do with communication.
The software awards scam
Not surprising, but it’s still amusing that a non-functioning piece of software got 16 different accolades.
jQuery in 15 minutes
A concise introduction to jQuery, currently the easiest way to add a bit of client-side interactivity to a site.


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