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I Quit!: One Year On

Wow, has it really been a year since I went back to full-time freelancing? I’ve struggled to get my brain into gear at times (that’s what a decade in the same industry and an accumulation of cynicism does to you), and earned a bit less, but overall it’s been fun and my only regret is that I didn’t make the leap a little sooner.

Last week I cleared out a load of old paperwork, overheating the shredder and inhaling paper dust while being horrified at how many Amazon receipts I’ve got. Going through old assessment forms from my day job reminded me that I always put the same terse answer for the “What parts of your job do you find difficult?” question: “Anything boring”. In some ways it was a blatantly selfish request (did enough repetitive crap in the 90s, been there done that, etc.), but avoiding tedium was genuinely the best way for them to get their money’s worth out of me.

Being my own boss is tricky at times, but it’s certainly not boring…


You miss it really, don't you...;)

Daniel, 13th Aug, 9:52am

How is it going for you financially?

Menekali, 12th Sep, 6:26am

I've made a lot less money than I could've, but that was largely deliberate and I've not cut into my savings so I can't complain.

As I suspected would be the case, the smaller pieces of self-contained work have proved most profitable, as there's little organisational burden and once they're done they're done.

Matt Round, 12th Sep, 8:16am

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