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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-July Link Dump

Yep, too many links to keep til the end of the month:

Attempts to piece together lost web sites from online archives/caches. Cross your fingers that you’ll never need it.
Videlectrix · more of their games
Where’s an Egg? is actually easier to understand and more fun to play than some of the old landfill-worthy console games.
Ditching PHP 4 is long overdue.
So, you want to be an ARCADE champion?
Reading through the analyses of the games and their records reminded me of what a con most arcade games were. You had to put in a couple of weeks’ worth of pocket money before you realised you weren’t missing something crucial, the game really was crap and pointless.
HTML Purifier
PHP code that whitelists markup, ensuring the output is valid and free from malicious code. Every web app that accepts user-submitted markup (e.g. via a rich text editor) needs something like this.
I lived on the Moon
A superb music video by Yannick Puig, and the creative process behind it.
Storing iPhone apps locally with data URLs
I wondered whether this’d work, but assumed they’d severely limit the URL length.
Lets you embed instant messaging into your site without giving out your username.
LittleBigPlanet · gameplay clip · trailer
Looks fun, although it’s sometimes surprisingly hard to turn clever concepts into truly playable games. And it’s for the PS3.
Bust A Name
A genuinely useful tool for discovering available domain names (not that I need any more of them) (OK, I bought two the other week).


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