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June Link Dump

Yep, another clear-out of links:

Norilsk, Russia: Enter the Dead Zone
Somehow I doubt this site was put together by the Norilsk Tourism Board, but it’s a grimly fascinating place to read about.
XSS Irony
Someone discovered a hole in an IBM site, allowing arbitrary markup to be inserted, and demonstrated it with an exploit on a page that’s about Cross-Site Scripting. IBM took the page down, but hasn’t closed the ludicrously simple security hole.
The Bane of My Existence
Rob Filbrandt’s misanthropic cartoons.
Forget the film, watch the titles
Thinking about it, it’s quite rare for a film to have a title sequence that’s memorable without overshadowing the film itself. I suppose it’s another case of design needing to be appropriate and consistent (even invisible) to set the scene, rather than recklessly showy.
A constant stream of paper-based gripes.
Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting
Taking palettes from art or photos still requires a skilled eye, but is a good way of forcing yourself to try non-obvious colour schemes.
They got loads of blog press for their Flickr cards, but I hadn’t noticed you can now directly upload pics and also create NoteCards.


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