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Switch to Fast User Switching

Most home computers still seem to be configured with one main user account, even when frequently used by several different people. So then they either end up mucking up each other’s files and settings, or resort to careful arrangements of subfolders and multiple profiles in individual apps.

If you’re still doing that, spend some time creating separate accounts and try out Fast User Switching in OS X (which handles it beautifully) or XP/Vista (less robust). Yeah, you then have to log in to take your turn at the computer, and it uses more memory, but it’s usually well worth it to have quick access to your own desktop, files, bookmarks, history, email, wallpaper, etc., and the insinuations of secret porn browsing will subside eventually.


Just a further plug for OS X's switching - my girlfriend has got used to this and she is generally computer-unfriendly. I think it's mainly because it gives her access to links to her e-mail and photo collection easily, and she doesn't have to look at the mess that is my desktop any more.

It takes a bit of memory, but we're sharing a G3 iBook with 640Mb of RAM, and it works fine, so it's not too horrific.

Paul Silver, 26th Jun, 2:05pm

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