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In a Zen State

I can account for my recent lack of blogging in two words: Zen Cart. I’ve been too busy swearing and banging my head on the desk in sheer frustration at its hopelessly inept architecture, interface and coding.

Luckily, ZenMagick has let me sidestep most of the templating nastiness, otherwise I think I’d have given up and gone to live in a cave by now.


Nice to hear that you like it :)
Any chance of seeing the final result? I'd like to build a list of reference sites that use ZenMagick...

DerManomann, 22nd May, 3:24am

Zen Cart is very cool.

Thansk a lot for the info.

see you,

Peter :-)

Klettergriffe shop, 28th May, 11:42am

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