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Last week, for the first time in 12 years of having my own company, I needed a business card and didn’t have one.

You see, I’ve never had cards because I’ve never really needed them; all of my work comes from either online contact or through people I already know. I don’t go to trade shows/conferences, or harass random strangers in the street, so they’d only sit in a dusty box on the corner of my desk and I’d end up making cubes and helicopters.

However, I’m likely to need a few over the next year, and 1,000 Greetings has stirred my inner Patrick Bateman, so I’ll probably order some quirky cards and stationery after updating the branding. I certainly won’t be spending a thousand quid though.


You could always put them in the phone boxes of Leamington, if you get the appropriate cards made up. Could bring in a fair bit of business...

— Daniel, 29th May, 8:59am

I think you're a little confused about what I do for a living ;)

Matt Round, 29th May, 9:18am

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