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Ask Fools’ Day

This year’s online pranks consisted mostly of the usual fake takeovers, tech products and hacks, but the Ask MetaFilter April Fools’ home page was great fun:

How long can a normal, healthy 8 week old kitten survive inside an adult python? URGENT!

She’s vegan, I’m a cannibal who hates tofu. Restaurant suggestions? We’re in Toronto.

Help me learn to be a better swimmer, getting wet is NOT an option.

I found a tasty-looking samosa underneath my hemp rucksack. It’s vegan, do you think it’s still okay to eat? I was only in jail for like a week.

My computer doesn’t work right. How do I fix it? And don’t give me a bunch of Internet dweeb IT Star Wars Dr. Spock FORTRON MySpace Mom’s basement mumbo jumbo about error messages or the precise nature of the problem or what kind of computer it is. Can you do that, you sexless freaks?

OK, it’s only funny if you follow the site, but the spoof questions really do epitomise the staples of AskMeFi; I was quite disappointed to find I couldn’t read or submit any answers.


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