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March Link Dump

Slightly stale leftover morsels from a month’s browsing:

Lisa Emulator Released
The interface and multitasking features were way ahead of their time in 1983. The truly document-orientated approach, with automatic saving and versioning, is still ahead of what we have now.
Plasma Pong
Fun with fluid dynamics.
The Figures Behind The Top Web Apps
Some interesting stats, although it’s a shame only DropSend had the guts to reveal their revenue.
A Python implementation written in Python that’ll be able to compile itself. My head hurts.
Free Photoshop Brushes
A handy round-up of sources of free textures and symbols.
Creating web sites for the Wii Opera browser
A JavaScript library for detecting the Wii and button presses from its Wiimote. Particularly helpful if you’re a web developer looking for an excuse to blow cash on a console.
Vacation policy at Netflix: Take as much as you want
This makes sense for many roles/companies, as long as it’s implemented fairly. Any boss that judges an employee’s worth based on how long they’re sat at their desk is a fool.


I believe being able to write the next version of the programming language in the current version is the sign of a "proper" language / it "growing up." That's based on comments about POP11 (one of the more obscure languages in the world) from when I was at university, so who knows if it's accurate or not.

There was apparently a lot of excitement when POP11 had enough functionality to be able to write itself in itself, so maybe the same is happening in Python circles at the moment.

Paul Silver, 30th Mar, 5:12pm

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