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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

February Link Dump

Before I start upgrading software and reorganising my development server (I think I’d rather have teeth extracted), here’s the usual links clear-out:

Interesting-looking browser-based collaboration, letting you doodle, write, upload pics, points things out and chat via a shared workspace. I might have to give this a proper go sometime.
Run around Basil’s gaff wreaking havoc in Counter-Strike: Source.
The window.onload problem (still)
A crucial part of modern JavaScript techniques is adding elements and event-handlers once the page has loaded, but preferably without waiting for images etc. to download. Sadly, this seemingly simple task is fraught with problems.
The Wheel and New God
Short stories slipped into MetaFilter comments by ‘robocop is bleeding’.
Flash TV Logos
UK TV logos (idents and break bumpers) recreated in Flash, plus test cards and clocks. Supremely geeky.
3D Live Stats
Useless for productive analysis, but a pretty (and no-doubt expensive) gimmick to have in a reception area.
Really Wild Flowers
Just a simple, nice-looking and well-built site.
Easily configure Apache/MySQL/PHP in OS X, manage multiple development sites, etc.


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