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Oddest incident of the week: working on an illustration of a duck (no, really) while uploading a file with Cyberduck in the background, then getting a loud ‘QUACK!’ from the computer and a bouncing duck icon when Adium received a message. When you’re tired and have been sat at your desk for longer than is healthy that kind of thing can be quite disturbing.

However, the snack I had in front of me did not contain duck, and the bird scratching around on the roof was a magpie, so the synchronicity effect was limited to the computer.


Hahaha. That is SO cute! I tell ya, you're not alone in this. I too have been getting some really unusual coincidental occurrences that fit together so purrrfectly, it's strange. And some of my friends have too. That must've been sharply disorienting to be quacked back up into piercing attention by that sound. I take it you were comfortably ensconced in your work. LOL.

— Mrie, 5th Mar, 4:45am

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