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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

End-o’-January Link Dump

Another one already?!

The Official Pocoyo Blog
Insights into the creative process behind one of the best-made kids’ TV shows around.
Serial Killer Or Computer Programmer
Hmm wait a minute, that looks familiar
How to hire Guillaume Portes
The more I read about Microsoft’s Office Open XML format, the more it seems like a bad joke.
English Cut
I’ve never worn a suit, let alone had one made, but I find it inherently interesting when an enthusiastic expert explains what they do.
Liam’s Pictures from Old Books
Scans from books that are out of copyright.
Promoting the importance of good URLs, an essential part of planning a site’s architecture nowadays.
The Contractor’s Note
I’ve had to work with bluffers who should have done this.
Insect/bug Macros
Amazing photography. Companion piece: Spiders On Drugs.
James Randi owes me a million dollars
Using ISBN and page number as a ‘secret’ code? That’s very poor.
Web 2.0 Company Name Generator
Surprisingly effective; people will use this for real.


Thanks for that cute "Serial Killer or Computer Programmer" bit. We're having fun with it over at MySpace. It got me interested in what else is here. You're a great writer. I'm interested! Think I'll check out some more!

Mrie, 5th Mar, 4:50am

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