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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-January Link Dump

So many links, so little space in OS X’s scrollbarless sticky notes; time for a partial clear-out:

“We come from different worlds”; Steve’s notes closeup;
Yet more iStuff.
Design Comics Templates 1.0
Free imagery for storyboards and presentations.
Google’s Latest Security Hole
A pretty bad oversight allowed anyone to create a subdomain, enabling cookie theft and phishing. Nasty.
Bob Carolgees’ Candles Plus
Never mind pasties, now you can buy candles from Spit the Dog’s handler. The web is a weird place.
PagePacker 1.1
A little OS X app to print out a neat foldable booklet from a sheet of paper.
Online ZX Spectrum emulator
I’m afraid I’m geeky enough to instantly spot the details this gets wrong. Younger readers will never truly understand the terrible tension of waiting minutes to see if a fourth-generation tape copy can load successfully.
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Z is for Zwicky’s Morphological Box.
AACS: Extracting and Using Keys
From one of the comments: It’s as though someone is trying to keep a secret from someone who can read your thoughts.


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