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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

End-of-year Link Dump

Now I can go into the new year with an almost empty virtual Post-It note:

Large, multi-monitor desktop wallpapers.
I’d not heard of the bizarre <keygen> and <isindex>, but most of the others aren’t exactly obscure or outdated.
BowMaster Prelude
Probably the best of the defend-the-castle Flash games out there.
Clipboard Data Theft Optional In IE 7
The Evil Web Designer can now only violate clipboards with permission!
A texture-mapped 3D engine for Flash (demo).
Backdooring MP3 Files
Yet another example of why allowing scripting in media players is usually a really bad idea.
Searching with PHP and MySQL
Simple and reasonably effective.
Flash Panorama Player
Nothing new, but this one seems slick and surprisingly fast.
Introducing Text-Stroke
Safari already has the ability to add soft drop shadows to text, and now they’re adding text outlines.
What’s the story with Photoshop & multi-core?
An explanation of why modern multi-core processors aren’t such a great leap forward in terms of performance.


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