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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Top Ten Timewasting Techniques

  1. Winning tens of thousands of virtual dollars in gpokr, then losing it all to someone with an obscene animated avatar.
  2. Upgrading all of your software, whether it needs it or not.
  3. Tinkering with network and modem settings to try to somehow optimise something.
  4. Playing Quake 4 against Polish teenagers who effortlessly kick your arse.
  5. Searching endlessly for the perfect text editor.
  6. Watching stuff on YouTube/Google Video.
  7. Buying yet more weird domain names you’ll probably never use.
  8. Downloading yet more free fonts you’ll probably never use.
  9. Answering geeky questions on Ask MetaFilter and getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside when you get marked as Best Answer.
  10. Posting to your blog.


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