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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-October Link Dump

notes.txt is no more; nowadays my jottings reside in Stickies.

The Levelator
If you’re a podcaster, you have to use this.
Tributo a Ray Harryhausen
The other day I was saying to someone that you can find pretty much anything on YouTube. They agreed and pointed out people have even uploaded my stuff. Bloody hell.
The Manual
In 1988 the KLF released this gimmicky book about getting a number one single. If you’re an eager self-publicist, try applying it to the modern music business and blog the ensuing hilarity.
E4 Sopranos trailer
Tony takes a drive across the UK.
Paranormal Nights
Incredibly cheesy, but wandering around Guy’s Cliffe (spooky derelict house near here) all night with a bunch of strangers of unknown mental health status beats any horror movie.
Self Destruction Button
Sadly, it seems the button can’t be used to trigger actions on the computer, otherwise it’d be great for starting uploads to live servers.


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