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They’re in my base killing my d00d

Tactical Transfer Strogg

This Stroggified soldier might look intimidating, but don’t be fooled. Controlled by me he becomes an inept, trigger-happy rookie more likely to blow himself up or fall into space than threaten any trash-talking l33t German teenagers.

(Quake 4 runs fairly well on this iMac, but it’s staggeringly dull; it depresses me that dozens of people spent years on something so predictable and uninspired. And I wasted hours investigating why multiplayer wasn’t working before finding the game needed fixing.)


I didn't realise you could customise the appearance of the characters to make them look like yourself...

Not a fan of it then Matt?

Daniel, 9th Oct, 12:53pm

Multiplayer is fine (just Quake 3 with better graphics), although it's hard to find anyone playing online (for v1.2 anyway; v1.3 might be played a lot more but isn't quite out for Mac).

The single-player game feels like even the developers were too bored to bother trying. If you're going to piss away millions on a feeble, linear storyline you might as well give the cash to Uwe Boll.

Matt Round, 9th Oct, 1:05pm

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