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Sweet Test Suite

Thanks to the superb Parallels Desktop for Mac, I’ve got XP running smoothly within OS X and am now almost in browser-testing nirvana.

Two Windows XP virtual machines running within OS X

Ironically, the only browsers I can’t now easily access are older versions of Safari, so I might have to occasionally resort to BrowserCam or muck about with my old PowerBook.

The fact that Apple hasn’t already bought out Parallels makes me think they must have a similar product of their own lined up for Leopard, if only so that Steve Jobs can demonstrate Vista running in a little window and make a few smug, disparaging remarks before closing it dismissively.


i can only hope that parallels doesnt get bought up by microsoft. something like that has happened before ...

— d, 9th Sep, 11:47pm

To test older Safari versions, check out Multi-Safari:…

There are special versions of Safari using the appropriate Web Kit for each version/system release, bundled inside each app.

marc nothrop, 10th Sep, 2:42pm

Unfortunately most of the older versions don't run on Tiger, so I'd still have to downgrade my PowerBook, bah humbug.

Matt Round, 10th Sep, 6:47pm

Ah, well yes, that's true... but minor point, right?! ;)

marc nothrop, 11th Sep, 4:05am

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