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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

A-Week-Into-August Link Dump

They’ve been lurking in notes.txt for a while, but try to think of these links as having matured like fine wines rather than being stale and mouldy:

Ergodex DX1Ergodex DX1
Definitely one of those gadgets I’m tempted to buy, even though, a year or so after discovering it, I still can’t think of what I’d actually use it for.
Design Melt Down
Compares and analyses design elements and trends; some really good stuff in there.
Sig Dashes
Are you using them?
A little OS X utility for grabbing screenshots of web pages.
Polish Movie Posters
Wow. I’ll bet you can’t guess what movies these ones are for before clicking the link:
Polish movie posters
Parsing Email Addresses in PHP
A thorough, RFC822-compliant email validator to deal with all the awkward possibilities.
Another OS X text editor; I’ll have to compare it with TextMate and SubEthaEdit sometime.


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