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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

malevole Redesign: Front-end Features

I’ve introduced the way I like to plan some projects, and covered the aims, now it’s time to specify what’ll actually be there for people to play with, although in less detail than in a normal document:

Fancy design

Although malevole was different, it was never particularly well-designed, and I’ve also moved on a lot as a designer since I built it, so it will need to have the same feel but be a lot slicker.

Improved scripting & compatibility

The current JavaScript doesn’t work properly in some modern browsers, and is poorly constructed. The new scripting will be more robust and include features such as memorising note positions.

Flexible layout

The page layout will comfortably fill a wide range of screen resolutions, by combining flexible and fixed-width elements.

‘World of Woodlouse’

Archie the woodlouse will get his own section. (Two main features are currently under consideration and I’m keeping both under wraps.)


The site will feature some kind of email newsletter. (Two different ways of presenting/managing it are currently under consideration and yes, I’m keeping those under wraps too.)

Shop-ish area

Although the site won’t be a sell-out, there’ll be some appropriate and tasteful(!) capitalist intrusion. (Sorry, under wraps.)

Revamped content

Dead links and broken content will be removed. Remaining content will be restyled where appropriate and incorporated fully into the new design.


Site visitors will be able to register as an ‘adjectiveanimal’, allowing them to comment and contribute. An avatar image will be created based on the user’s choice of adjective and animal (e.g. ‘malevole the male vole’, ‘kevin the zany weasel’, etc.), and each registered user will have a profile page with a certain amount of personalisation.


Each blog note will allow comments from registered users (and possibly non-registered users).


The site will feature more sections along the lines of the Toast Leaners’ Club, integrated with registration/comments to make it easier for people to contribute and browse responses.

(I’ve already established the overall design, although I’m dithering over a possible logo, and have built most of the JavaScript for manipulating the interface. Database design is underway.)


Prolific posting recently Matt! This all sounds like exactly what I've been looking forward to. I would grumble about how long it's taking but that would be slightly hypocritical.

— morcs, 16th Aug, 9:13am

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