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Geeking Out in the Gardens

(Royal) Leamington Spa isn’t a very big town, and because it’s clearly not packed with WiFi-connected Flickr-using ironic-T-shirt-wearing conference-attending Web-2.0-touting bloggers it’s easy to assume there’s not an awful lot of tech stuff going on. But I’m constantly discovering little web-related businesses, often in places I’ve walked past regularly for years (last week someone jokingly referred to ‘Silicon Parade’).

Geek in the Park

Now there’s Geek in the Park, an event due to take place later this month in Leamington’s Jephson Gardens, with a picnic and evening discussion about web accessibility. Will it bring Leamington’s quiet web developers out of the woodwork, or merely be an invading force with a “Where's the WiFi?!” battle cry? Either way I’m sure it’ll be a success, and hopefully the weather’ll behave itself for the picnic.

(I might go along, but I’m not really one for conferences and get-togethers and it’s fairly likely I’ll be on holiday that day.)


The idea was to draw people away from the possibly difficult to get to/from and expensive capital where all this kinda fun seems to congregate.

The "Where's the WiFi?!" question will be unanswered, because I haven't a clue!

If you can't make this event, and are from the Midlands, you should really check out the group who helped me organise this... The Multipack - - the meetings happen once a month and are a great way to make new friends and find new personal and business opportunities.

trovster, 2nd Aug, 9:05am

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