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malevolent design weblog

August 2006

1st Geeking Out in the Gardens
Picnic-wielding web developers due to invade Leamington!
3rd malevole Redesign: Front-end Features
So what stuff will people see?
5th Perplexing Multiplex
A usability horror movie.
7th A-Week-Into-August Link Dump
A catchily-titled miscellany of web delights.
8th Spam By Name…
The tinned meat people have an email newsletter.
9th The Evolution of a Name
Even the smallest brands can’t escape from religion and science.
10th Childish Games
Do geeky kids still get into programming?
13th Pet Project
Ideas are cheap. This one’s free.
17th Development Developments
I’ve switched, but I promise not to be a smug fanboy.
18th Setting Up Apache, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess and mod_rewrite in OS X
I think the title says more than enough.
28th Getting My Nose Back to the Grindstone
This thing with the buttons and glowing screen looks familiar.

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